Details are always important. We have chosen only the best for the members of the community we are building here. With safety and relaxation on our mind, aware of each season and of each step forward you will take while living in your new place, we have picked every detail, every material so that it matches a different lifestyle.

Interior walls and ceilings

The interior walls’ masonry is made of ceramic blocks with vertical gaps, mecanically plastered with lime-cement, painters’ filling and white washable paint. 

The bathrooms and kitchens have floors and walls covered in sandstone and tiles.


Brand: ThyssenKrupp

Entrance doors / Interior doors

Entrance doors: Piacentini – Italy
Interior doors: EXEA Doors – Italy


Triple glazing with Salamander PVC joinery.


Triple-laminated parquet

Sandstone and tiles

Marazzi – Italy

Heating and air-conditioning

Individual condensation heating system – Buderus, 25 kW
In-floor heating

Sanitary objects

Ideal Standard
Toilet with tank hidden in the wall
Bathroom taps: Ideal Standard, Ceraplan III series